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Meryl® SkinlifE

Extracted from Meryl® SkinlifE brochure

Meryl Skinlife

An Overview

Besides the sensorial and thermophysiological comfort, Meryl® SkinlifE provides the biological comfort. This is the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns.

Meryl® SkinlifE accredited fibre has permanent bacteriostatic and antiodour properties with no migration effect of the bacteriostatic agent to the skin in contact.

Bacteriostatic Property

The human skin normally has a bacteria presence, but a high level of bacteria, as well as a complete absence, creates various problems (allergy, odor, illness, etc.)

Bacteria population growth curves on fabric in skin contact

Meryl® SkinlifE is bacteriostatic, a fiber which maintains a natural balance on the skin, regardless of activity level.

Meryl® SkinlifE has passed successfully oral, skin and eye contact tests and its component, active against the main bacteria's group Gram+ and Gram-, is registered under EPA-TSCA and ELINCS.

Meryl® SkinlifE is not a bactericide: it does not decrease the bacteria level lower than what is normally present on the skin.

Meryl® SkinlifE is Permanent

Due to the bacteriostatic agent present in the polymeric matrix, Meryl® SkinlifE is a permanent feature in your garment. It is present after more than 30 washes, or, to end of garment's life.

The diagram shows a comparison between Meryl® SkinlifE, a surface post-treatment normally available on the market and other kinds of treatment available on nylon filaments.

Bacteriostatic activity - Meryl Skinlife vs Competitor

No Migration from Fabric to Skin

Thanks to the presence of the exclusive bacteriostatic agent in the polymeric matrix (which is inherent in the fiber...not deposited on the fabric's surface) there is no migration from fabric to skin, thus avoiding induction of allergy.


Meryl® Skinlife is perfect for garments which come in contact with the human body and find its application in sportswear, underwear, socks, hosiery, shoe linings, paramedical fabrics and industrial fabrics (technical fabrics, filters).

This product has the same characteristics and advantages of a Meryl® microfibre yarn: comfort, an incredibly soft touch and high performance.

Meryl® Skinlife is the answer the consumers' demand for quality, durability and practicality regardless of situation.

Only with the Meryl® SkinlifE have their quality assured.


Meryl® is a registered brand of Nylstar

Meryl® SkinlifE is a sub-brand of Meryl®

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