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Albert Andre Sizechart 1

The following sizecharts applies to Albert Andre medical hosiery styles:

  • AA212AL - Therapeutic Stocking w/Band Left Foot KK1
  • AA212AR - Therapeutic Stocking w/Band Right Foot KK1
  • AA213AG - Therapeutic Stocking Open Toe KK1
  • AA216AD - Therapeutic Knee Highs
  • AA217AT - Therapeutic Pantyhose KK1
  • AA428AT - Therapeutic Pantyhose 180den
  • AA431AG - Therapeutic Stockings 140den

Table 1: Measurement in cm/kg
Size (cm)12345Taglia (cm)
Ankle Girth20~2222~2323~2424~2525+Circ. Caviglia
Calf Girth28~3031~3435~3738~4041+Circ. Polpaccio
Weight (kg)45~5051~5960~6768~7374+Peso (kg)

Table 2: Measurement in inches/pound
Size (inches)12345Taglia (inches)
Ankle Girth 7½~8¾8¾~99~9½9½~9¾9¾+Circ. Caviglia
Calf Girth 11~1212~13½13½~14¾14¾~1616+Circ. Polpaccio
Height 5'1" ~ 5'3"5'3" ~ 5'5"5'5" ~ 5'7"5'7" ~ 5'9"5'9" +Altezza
Weight (pound)99~110110~132132~148148~161161+ Peso (pound)

If some of the above measurements do not match, use the following chart:

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