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Lycra® 3D

Edited by Larry Chang, Newlook Marketing, 30-April-2003.

DuPont brand for hosiery garments that contain Lycra® in every course. Tri-dimensional elasticity for a truly skin hugging perfect fit and yields exceptional fit and a smooth appearance.

Lycra® 3D Standards

Quality specifications and standards for LYCRA® 3D.

The LYCRA® 3D certification mark may be used if all the following conditions are met:

  • The hosiery must contain LYCRA® brand fiber in the leg and panty.
  • In the leg, each stitch must contain LYCRA® brand stretch fiber on all four sides of the stitch. The panty must be constructed with at least as much compressive force as the leg, using a minimum of LYCRA® stretch fiber in every other course.
  • To maximize comfort, the garment should be constructed so that no LYCRA® fiber comes in contact with the skin. The companion yarn should be sufficiently fine to guarantee a soft hand.
  • Durability must exceed that of a typical alternate course sheer garment with LYCRA® brand fiber, measured by diagnostic durability tests.
  • The recommended companion yarn is DuPont Nylon in the denier filament count or luster required.
  • Garments must have a ring-free uniform appearance.
  • The LYCRA® 3D logo should appear on the package and must be legible and readable for the intended purchaser.

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