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AD06038Lace Rosebud Garter Belt


AR00639Mercerized Cotton Triple Cuff

Albert Andre

AA701ADAnti-embolism Knee High KK6
AA700AGAnti-embolism Stocking KK6
AA702TLAnti-embolism Thigh High Left with Waistband KK6
AA702TRAnti-embolism Thigh High Right with Waistband KK6
AA440SCGraduated Compression Cotton Socks 230den
AA439SCGraduated Compression Nylon Socks 230den
AA150LSLumbar Support Post-operation Belt
AA429AMMaternity Pantyhose 140den
AA902SXStocking with Waist Band Open Toe (Left)
AA902DXStocking with Waist Band Open Toe (Right)
AA216ADTherapeutic Knee Highs
AA216BDTherapeutic Knee Highs
AA641ADTherapeutic Knee Highs
AA433ATTherapeutic Pantyhose 140den
AA428ATTherapeutic Pantyhose 180den
UA428ATTherapeutic Pantyhose 180den
AA217ATTherapeutic Pantyhose KK1
AA217BTTherapeutic Pantyhose KK1
UA217ATTherapeutic Pantyhose KK1
AA213AGTherapeutic Stocking Open Toe KK1
AA213BGTherapeutic Stocking Open Toe KK1
UA213AGTherapeutic Stocking Open Toe KK1
AA212ALTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Left Foot KK1
AA212BLTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Left Foot KK1
UA212ALTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Left Foot KK1
AA212ARTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Right Foot KK1
AA212BRTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Right Foot KK1
UA212ARTherapeutic Stocking w/Band Right Foot KK1
AA431AGTherapeutic Stockings 140den


CNAJB02Bodyshaper 15d - 2Pr
CNAXC01Charnos Invisible Control Tights 10d
CNAWH01Charnos Leg Art
CNAXTTGCharnos Luxury Tights 10d
CNALN01Charnos Mid Opaque Tights 40d - 2Pr
CNAVM01Charnos Opaque Tights 70d
CNDTT02Charnos Open Toe Tights 7d
CNAHT01Charnos Semi Opaques Tights 30d
CNAJC03Charnos Tights 15d - 3Pr
CNAJTOTCharnos Tights 60d
CNADB03Daytime Bodyshaper 15d - 2Pr
CNBDH07Daytime Hold-Ups with Lace Top 15d - 2Pr
CNBJH02Daytime Hold-Ups with Lace Top 15d - 2Pr
CNADF01Daytime Sheer Tights 15d
CNHHU06Lace Top Hold-ups, Wedding collection 15d
CNAWV01Leg Art Gold
CNAFT01Light Fantastic 7d
CNALF04Light Fantastic 7d
CNBLF01Light Fantastic Hold-Ups 7d
CNAFO01Light Fantastic Open Toe 7d
CNHSU05Lustre Hold-ups, Wedding collection 10d
CNBXH01Luxury Lace Hold-ups 10d
CNASP01Semi Opaque Tights 30d


CT11417Corsetto Controlbody Gold
CT41604Short Lungo Controlbody Plus
CT31128Slip Compressione Media
CT32128Slip Controlbody Basic
CT31164Slip Controlbody Plus
CT31370Slip Controlbody Silver
CT81054Tubino Controlbody Gold


DE11935Delicates Lace Flirt Skirt

Elegant Moments

EM05012Floral Tapestry with Waist Cincher and Boning
EM04512Jacquard strapless bustier with boning
EMV3121Lace up vinyl corset with boning
EML3108Leather zip and lace corset with boning
EM04042Satin strapless bustier
EM04227Satin strapless bustier with boning
EM04876Satin strapless corset with boning
EM03550Sexy booty shorts and one shoulder top


MK0F013Support Foot Cover 40D
MK0F014Support Sporty 60D


MK0F008Support Foot Cover


FT0563XMen`s Support Socks
FT0410XSurgical Binder and Abdominal Support
FT0500XTherapeutic Support Knee Highs Open Toe
FT0510XTherapeutic Support Knee Highs Open Toe/Heel
FT0490XTherapeutic Support Thigh Highs Open Toe
FT0520XTherapeutic Support Thigh Highs Reinforced Toe
FT0558XWomen`s Beyond Support Knee Highs
FT0548XWomen`s Beyond Support Knee Highs Reinforced Toe
FT0658XWomen`s Beyond Support Pantyhose French Cut
FT0628XWomen`s Beyond Support Pantyhose Reinforced Toe


GBS200ACalze 15 Den Stay Up
GBS211ACalze Fantasiam Neve 20 den
GBP384AElite Tattoo Tights 20 den
GBP101AExclusive T-Band 10 den
GBP103AExclusive T-Band 20 den
GBP345AExelero 06 - 20 den
GBP346AExelero 07 - 20 den
GBP360AExotic Line 04 - 20 den
GBP361AExotic Line 05 - 20 den
GBP711AFantasia Exclusive
GBS231AKabarette Fishnet Pantyhose
GBS222AKabarette Fishnet Stayup Stockings
GBP139ALong Leggings
GBP110AMedica Pantyhose 20 den
GBP111AMedica Pantyhose 40 den
GBPMELAMelange 50 den
GBP141ANika Leggings
GBP123AOpaque Microfibre Tights 80 den
GBP353AParis Line 04 - 20 den
GBP351APuntina 20 den
GBP142BSamba Leggings
GBP142ASwing Leggings
GBP356ATattoo 1 - 20 den
GBP356QTattoo 1 - 20 den
GBKN150Zara Over the Knee


GYHYS51Greenyarn Eco-fabric Yoga Socks


HN00705Absolutely Ultra Sheer
HN00706Absolutely Ultra Sheer
HN00707Absolutely Ultra Sheer
HN0E061Anti-Cellulite Mid-thigh Firm Control
HN0E056Anti-Cellulite Shaper Control Leg
HN00811Hanes Alive Support Pantyhose
HN00D01Hanes Resilience Sheer
HN0E079Hanes Silk Reflections Sheerest Support
HN00H58Hanes Too - Silky Sheers
HN00H59Hanes Too - Silky Sheers
HN00N52Silk Reflections - Celebrate
HN00N39Silk Reflections - Signature
HN00720Silk Reflections Silky Sheer Thigh high


ND92017Attraction Rete Collant
ND90153Body c.alto You&Me C
ND51079Body Saint Michel
ND20221Canotta You&Me Cotton
ND92106Collant 20 Line
ND41240Cotton Hipster Short
ND92011Effect 70 Collant
ND93001Elegance 20 Autoreggente
ND92003Elegance 20 Collant
ND92004Elegance 20 Vita Bassa Collant
ND92019Elegance 8 collant
ND92007Essential 15 Collant
ND92008Essential 15 Collant XL
ND11317Fascia Bandeau
ND61007Fitness Cyclist Pants
ND11192Fitness Reggiseno T-back
ND92014Ice-Land 100 Collant
ND92015Ice-Land 100 Vita Bassa 100d
ND92018Ice-Land Legging 120d
ND61034Jegging Denim
ND61043Jegging Upper Stampa Vintage
ND92057Legging Treccia/Costa Montana Fashion 70d
ND93017Line 20 Autoreggente
ND11147Reggiseno Beverly Hills
ND92160Repose 40
ND20023T-Shirt "V" Uomo
ND21162T-Shirt Melrose
ND21845T-Shirt Roundneck Valencia


KD65711Kendall Travel Sock
KDLT411Lastosheer Below Knee Class I
KDLT421Lastosheer Below Knee Class II
KDLT431Lastosheer Below Knee Class III
KDLT415Lastosheer Compression Socks Class I
KDLT425Lastosheer Compression Socks Class II
KDLT412Lastosheer Thigh Length Class I
KDLT422Lastosheer Thigh Length Class II
KDLT432Lastosheer Thigh Length Class III
KDLT413Lastosheer Tights Class I
KDLT423Lastosheer Tights Class II
KDLT414Lastosheer Tights Maternity Class I
KDTEDKNT.E.D. Anti-Embolism Knee Length
KDTEDHLT.E.D. Anti-Embolism Thigh Length
KDTEDTHT.E.D. Anti-Embolism Thigh Length
KDTEDTBT.E.D. Anti-Embolism Thigh Length with Belt


LG152CTLeggs Day Sheer
LG429CTLeggs Reliance
LG609SPLeggs Sheer Energy
LG676RPLeggs Sheer Energy Active Support
LG760CTSheer Comfort Enhanced Toes


MD185ADMediven Elegance Medical Calf-high Class 1
MD285ADMediven Elegance Medical Calf-high Class 2
MD191ATMediven Elegance Medical Panty Class 1
MD291ATMediven Elegance Medical Panty Class 2
MD187AGMediven Elegance Medical Thigh-high Class 1
MD287AGMediven Elegance Medical Thigh-high Class 2
MDTRAVLMediven Travel


M5AD531Micro5 Therapeutic Knee high CCL2
M5AD538Micro5 Therapeutic Knee high CCL2 Open Toe
M5AT921Micro5 Therapeutic Pantyhose CCL1
U5AT921Micro5 Therapeutic Pantyhose CCL1
M5AG821Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL1
U5AG821Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL1
M5AG828Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL1 Open Toe
M5AG831Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL2
U5AG831Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL2
M5AG838Micro5 Therapeutic Stayup Stocking CCL2 Open Toe
M5AD521Micro5 Travel Socks CCL1
M5AD528Micro5 Travel Socks CCL1 Open Toe

My Socks

MSFS501Opaque Lowcut Foot Cover


JFF1503Flower Slave Bracelet Handflowers With Ring
NEWPARTNew part#
FS0B215Opaque Lowcut Foot Cover
JFF1504Slave Bracelet Handflowers With Ring
JFF1506Slave Bracelet Handflowers With Ring


PP09128100% Fine Cot. Footcovers - 2Pr
PP08323All Sheer-Waist Full Support P/H 20d
PP20401Ankle Cotton Socks with Scallop Top
PP20402Ankle Cotton Socks with Scallop Top
PP20403Ankle Cotton Socks with Scallop Top
PP0020ABusiness Wear Mercerised Cotton Socks
PP0020BBusiness Wear Mercerised Cotton Socks
PP0020CBusiness Wear Mercerised Cotton Socks
PP0020DBusiness Wear Mercerised Cotton Socks
PP04154Business Wear Mercerised Cotton Socks
PP0100XChild Ankle Socks
P108311Comfort Sheers P/Hose 20d
PP08311Comfort Sheers P/Hose 20d - 5Pr
PP09118Daysheer Comfort Knee-Hi 15d - 3Pr
PP10612Fashion Cotton Toe Socks
PP08328Flora Lace Full Support P/Hose 15d
PP10610Healthy Cotton Toe Socks
PP00183Hi-Cut Support Pantyhose 20d - 2Pr
PP00318Knee-Hi Comfort Sheers 15d - 2+1Pr
PP09108Ladies Cotton Solid Color Socks
PP30381Ladies Cotton Toe Socks
PP01051Ladies Low-cut Cotton Socks
PP30383Ladies Low-cut Cotton Toe Socks with Heel
PP02081Ladies Qtr Cotton/Spandex Socks
PP21009Ladies/Youth Crew Socks - 3Pr
PP21209Ladies/Youth Qtr Socks - 3Pr
PP02016Low Cuff Cushion Socks
PP02035Men Combed Cotton
PP09064Men Cotton 1/2 Cushion Melange - 3Pr
P102008Men Cotton Sport Socks
PP02008Men Cotton Sport Socks - 3Pr
PP32236Men Cotton Toe Socks with Heel
PP21010Men Crew Socks - 3Pr
PP30382Men Quarter Cotton Toe Socks
PP21021Men Quarter Socks - 3Pr
PP1061MMetallic Crew Socks
PP66054Polyproplene Linear Socks
PP00888Propeds Nonrun Pantyhose - 3Pr
PL00888Propeds Nonrun Pantyhose - 3Pr Plus Size
PP00638Propeds Support Pantyhose 20d - 2Pr
P100128Sheer Comfort Pantyhose 15d
PP00128Sheer Comfort Pantyhose 15d - 5Pr
PP09018Support Extra Sheer Ankle 15d - 2Pr
PP09083Support Extra Sheer Knee Highs 15d
PP23014Tennis Mercerised Cotton Qtr
PP04015Two Toes Wollen Socks with Heel
PP00118Ultra-fine scented cotton footcover - 2Pr


SN65434Snowboard Thermastat Socks

Sarah Borghi

SB10793Alchimia Microfibre Tights 40d
SB05011Amanda 15d Lycra
SB10929Audrey 20d Fishnet Patterned Tights
SB10748Cabaret Thigh & Ankle Print 60d
SB10931Cleo 20d Patterned Tights
SB10928Clery 15d Patterned Tights
SB10927Cristinne 15d Patterned Tights
SB10548Dream Ultra Sheer Tights 20d
SB10747Eternity 3D Patterned Tights 60d
SB10824Extreme Golden Tights 30d
SB10725Fashion 20d
SB10926Flash 15d Patterned Tights
SB10754Foglie Microfibre Print Tights 50d
SB10933Hops 20d Patterned Footless Tights
SB10775Laila 15d Suppor1t With Backseams
SB10915Line - 50d
SB05059Malia Thigh-Hi Stockings 20d
SB10491Natural Anti-Stress Pantyhose 40d
SB10597One Piece Light 20d
SB10552Più Su Push-up 70d
SB10912Plasir - 50d
SB10771Rete Mix Supp with Mesh Tights
SB05210Ritz Longuette
SB10745Romance 3D Patterned Tights 60d
SB10511Seduction 15d Lycra Tights
SB50038Sneaker Cotton Footcover
SB10636Solaris 6d Anti-Mosquitoes Tights
SB10801Souvenir Printed Microfibre Tights 50d
SB10576Trendy 40 Corpino 40~70d
SB10508Trendy 40 Tuttonudo 40d
SB10890Trilogy 40 - 40d
SB05051Vel 40 Calza Autoreggente 40d-2
SB1463BVel 40 Classici - 40d
SB10463Vel 40 Classici 40d
SB10930Zelig 15d Patterned Tights

Sensual Mystique

SM80251Bandeau top sectioned suit
SM80105Chemise Lace-up Back with Matching G-String
US80105Chemise Lace-up Back with Matching G-String
SM80451Cherry Blossom Satin Corset Heart Top with Boning
SM80493Cherry Blossom Satin Corset Lace Top with Boning
SM80051Chinese Jacquard Strapless Corset with G-String
US80051Chinese Jacquard Strapless Corset with G-String
SM80120Embroidered corset with G-String
US80120Embroidered corset with G-String
SM80104French Maid Teddy
SM80166Mesh Laced Baby Doll with matching Thong
SM80178Meshed princess panels camisole set
SM80053Satin Flower Jacquard Bustier with G-String
US80053Satin Flower Jacquard Bustier with G-String
SM80054Slimming Jacquard Strapless Corset with Thong
US80054Slimming Jacquard Strapless Corset with Thong
SM80117Strapless Corset with matching G-String


SU801XCFine Mercerised Cotton Socks


VNL20ADLegline 20 below Knee
VNL20ATLegline 20 Medical Support Pantyhose
VNL30ADLegline 30 below Knee
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