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Applying T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stocking

Knee Length
Extracted from product packing.
Edited by: Larry C., Newlook Marketing, 5-Mar-2003.

Stockings are not put on patient's leg like ordinary hosiery. If the stockings are gathered together in the typical "donut" fashion, the effect of the elastic material is multiplied many times and makes application difficult. By following these basic steps, T.E.D. Stockings are easily applied.

CAUTION: Do not under any circumstances, turn down top of stockings. Do not cover any portion of the knee.
1. Insert hand into stockings as far as the heel pocket.
2. Grasp center of heel pocket and turn stocking inside out to heel area.
3. Carefully position stocking over foot and heel. Be sure patient's heel is centered in heel pocket.
4. Pull stocking up and lift around ankle and calf, working up to final position. (Top of stocking is positioned approximately 1 in to 2 in below the knee cap.) Make sure heel and toe are positioned correctly. Smooth out any excess material between top of stocking and ankle. Pull toe section forward to smooth ankle and instep area and allow for patient toe comfort.
5. Patients should be instructed as to proper positioning of stocking to insure that the patient will not reposition the stockings incorrectly.

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