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Mediven Compression Classes and indications of use

Extracted from product borchures.
Edited by Larry C., Newlook Marketing, 26-Apr-2003.

Compression Class 1

(Light Compression, 18-21 mmHg)


  • For heaviness and fatigue in the legs
  • Mild varicosities without significant disposition for oedema
  • Post sclerotherapy
  • Initial varices during pregnancy
  • Small varicose dilations of cutaneous veins

Compression Class 2

(Medium Compression, 23-32 mmHg)


  • Relief of aching heaviness and fatigue caused by varices
  • Post sclerotherapy
  • Post surgical stripping
  • Prophylaxis of Thrombosis
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of complications of varicose veins and post phlebitic syndrome with chronic venous insufficiency
  • Varices during pregnancy
  • Pregnant patients with previous phlebitis
  • Control of oedema and effective scar formation after burns
  • Stasis dermatitis due to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

Compression Class 3

(Strong Compression, 34-46 mmHg)


  • For severe degrees of above
  • Emphasized oedema from above causes
  • Correctiable lymphoedema
  • Severe chronic venous insufficiency as with post phlebitic syndrome
  • Chonic venous problems after surgery
  • Venous ulcers

Compression Class 4

(Very Strong Compression, over 49 mmHg)

* Available only in made-to-measure


  • Primary and secondary Lymphoedema
  • Primary and secondary Elephantiasis


According to the guidelines of the German Phlebological Society (published in 1996, German Journal "Phlebologie"):

  • Absolute contraindications: advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease, decompensated heart disease, septic phlebitis, Phlegmasia coerulea dolens.
  • Relative contraindications: supportive dermatoses, intolerance of compression stocking fabric, sensory disturbances of the limb, advanced peripheral neuropathy, primary chronic arthritis.

*** medi assumes no liability as a result of any contraindicated use of this product.
Source: Extracted from Medi, Bayreuth

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