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Mediven Fitting Instructions

Extracted from product brochure.
Edited by Larry C., Newlook Marketing, 26-Apr-2003.

Surgical compression stockings are generally distinguished by a markedly higher compression than other support stockings. The pressure exerted by the latter on the leg is not great enough to increase venous flow rate and ensure a lasting therapeutic effect.

A. Compression Class:

medi-Stockings are available in 3 compression classes, each of which is suitable for a specific group of indications. The correct compression classes must be determined by the attending physician, since only he, through examination, can form a clear picture of the severity of the condition. Should a prescription fail to specify the compression class required, the physician should always be consulted. See Mediven Compression Classes.

B. Criteria:
  1. The legs must be free of oedema. This can be determined by means of the so-called thumb test. The fitter presses his thumb against the leg in the area of the ankle or against the shinbone. If a depression remains, the leg is oedematous. In this case, the stockings cannot be properly fitted and the patient should be requested to return the following morning.

  2. Availability of a suitable room so that measurements can be taken on the disrobed leg.

C. Measurements:

Measurements are taken from the ankle towards the thigh.

Measurement (b): This is the small area just above the ankle bone. It determines the stocking size.

D. Measurement checks:
Below kneeThigh length

As a general rule, the circumference of both legs should be measured so that any discrepancies between the two legs can be taken into consideration.

E. Size:

medi-Stockings are available in seven circumference sizes (I - VII). With these it is possible to provide 90% of all patients with standard-sized stockings, with the remainder being offered the facility of a custom-made stocking (called made-to-measure).

F. Comments:

A few comments on the individual measurement points shown in the drawing:

b (ankle)Since the greatest pressure on the leg is exerted at this point, the smallest circumference of the ankle should be carefully measured.
Leg lengthMedi-Stockings are so elastic that individual length sizes are not necessary. In the case of especially short legs, "petite" should be specified.
Inside legThis somewhat "delicate" measurement is best taken with the help of the wearer by requesting him or her to hold the end of the tape measure at the crotch. The measurement can then be easily read off the tape at the foot.

Source: Extracted from Medi, Bayreuth, Jan 2003

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